Become a Stockist

Why become a stockist?

Do you own or manage a supplement store, gym or convenience store?  At the moment Fitmeals Australia is looking for stockists in the south Brisbane, Logan and Redlands areas (Not in this region? That is ok, feel free to contact us as we are quickly expanding our regions).  Currently, we are working closely with stockists to ensure region exclusiveness and accessibility for customers. By utilising Fitmeals Australia you will be able to generate:


  • Foot traffic to your business

  • Significant profits with generous margins

  • A new avenue for income that compliments your existing business


Why choose Fitmeals Australia?

By supporting Fitmeals Australia you are supporting local business. Your success, is our success and we will work closely with stockists to ensure mutual growth.  By supporting local and the Fitmeals Australia business model, we are able to offer a product with:


  • Possibly no outlay for your business

  • No long-term storage requirements

  • Free delivery to stockists

  • Fresh meals prepared and delivered the same day (No frozen meals)

  • Minimal time requirements to implement into your business operations


What are the benefits for our customers?

 We are currently developing and improving many areas of our business with the aim to provide the highest quality product that satisfies all our customers possible needs. Customers can enjoy:


  • Portioned meals to suit fitness goals

  • healthy and fresh meals cooked locally and delivered to stockists on the same day they are prepared.

  • Macro-nutrient breakdown with fitness goals in mind

  • Affordable with no cooking or portioning hassles

  • No contracts / order as much or as little as you like

  • Both subscription and once off purchases available

  • Can be purchased completely online

  • Variety of meal options with additional seasonal menu items


Apply to be a stockist.

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